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Location: http://www.sanxingclutch.com/washing-machine-clutch/sharp-clutch/
Bio: Founded in 2010, Fujian Xianhe Package Co., Ltd. is a modernized metal package enterprise composed of manufacturer and sale of Can Lid and Coated & Printed Tinplate. We have our own Coated & Printed Production Line and 20 Lid-making Production Lines with annual capacity of 50,000MTS of Coated & Printed Tinplate and 3.5 billion pcs of Bottom Lid. To satisfy customers' different needs, we are also engaged in trade of Tinplate, Easy Open End, Twist-off Cap, Beverage Can and Food Can, mainly serving a wide range of consumer goods like canned food, beverage and diary products.
With leading market position, we have obtained with cooperation from CPMC (Xiamen) Company Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CPMC HOLDINGS LIMITED, the largest manufacturer of metal packaging products in China & the leading role in formulating a number national and industry standards of metal package. Under the well-established quality control system and food safety management system, our products meet the quality standards requested by the United States and European Union.
Year 2017 is the most important year in our development course. To perfect the structure of the group, we set up several branches. 70mm Twist-off Glass Bottle Lid suppliers
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